The 2 Ways To Order

2 Ways To Order

We have 2 ways you can order our meal prep here at TNT:

1) By ordering meals on this site

2) By joining our special 8 Week Meal Prep Program

With Option 1 you’ll be ordering through our site as we update our meals on a weekly basis.  All you have to do is visit this page every week and place your order by Monday at 3pm.

Tuesday recipes can be picked up on Tuesdays at 3:30 and 5pm, while the Friday recipes can be picked up on Fridays at 3:30 and 5pm as well.  Please make sure to look at each recipe to see what pick up day that recipe is scheduled for!

Option 2 is our 8 Week Meal Prep Program. This program literally takes all the thinking and planning out of nutrition for you (in addition to saving you hours upon hours of time!)  

Here’s what makes our Meal Prep Program so valuable versus simply ordering online:

  • The Meals are Balanced Specifically to You: While the meals you can order through our site are balanced for the average person’s macronutrient needs, those who join our program get a personalized approach.  We calculate the exact amount of calories and macro amounts needed for you to reach your goal, then cook and portion your meals based upon that.

  • Weekly One-on-One Sit Downs:  Once a week we’ll schedule a meeting for you to sit down with our nutritional coach, Kaleigh.  She’ll help you game plan around any potential struggles you have coming up that week (like vacations or a hectic sports schedule) and also do a few activities that will teach you how to create the healthy daily habits you need to not only hit your goal, but maintain it long after.

  • Weekly Weigh Ins: Tracking your progress is one of the most important parts of staying motivated when you’re on a weight loss journey.  We want to celebrate your success with you each week as you step on the scale!

  • Hours of Time Saved:  Meal prep will always ask you to sacrifice one of two things: Your time or your money.  On average, the person that successfully meal preps on their own spends up to 16 hours each week getting their meals ready from the early planning stage all the way up to portioning their food out.  Our program saves you all that time! Plus, it eliminates the need for you to go grocery shopping--and who doesn’t love the thought of that?!?

  • Please keep in mind that our 8 Week Meal Prep Program is only taking 30 participants and you will have to apply to get accepted!

    If you’d like to learn even more about or program and/or fill out an application to claim your spot, click here:

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